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Malé International Pvt. Ltd. has been active in Nepalese trade and industry since 1999, particularly in the sector of medicinal and aromatic plants (MAPs). These are found in abundance due to the country's unique geo-climatic variations. In order to capitalize on these natural resources Malé International embarked on cultivation, processing, and marketing of medicinal and aromatic plants from organic and sustainable sources. Within a short span, Malé International made a difference to the livelihood of the poor by creating employment opportunities, promoting cultivation of MAPs in community forestland and marginal/wasteland, transferring its technical know how, and guaranteeing a market for the collected or cultivated MAPs.

Malé International supports cultivation activities on organic private and/or community owned land, mainly in the Terai or southern part of the country, where it also operates its own processing unit. The collection of raw material in the wild is mainly concentrated in the mid hills and alpine regions of Nepal .
Malé International exports organic essential oil extracted by slow steam distillation from leaves, berries, flowers or rhizomes of trees, plants and herbs.. Some oils are produced from wild growing sources whereas others are made from cultivated plants.


Harvested piles of Citronella

Palmarosa at Namuna CFUG

Our Aim:


  • To cultivate, process and market organic medicinal and aromatic plants of Nepal.
  • To provide rural employment and fair prices to farmers, collectors and processors of medicinal and aromatic plants.
  • To cultivate and process organic medicinal and aromatic plants of Nepal and to market their essential oils
  • To develop a competitive advantage by marketing products unique to Nepal such as Jatamansi (Spikenard),Anthopogon, Zanthoxylum etc.
  • To contribute towards environmental protection and bio-diversity by purchasing products from sustainable sources.
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