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Malé believes in the value of organic products, grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides, processed with pure himalayan water, and offered totally pure and unadulterated. The raw materials collected in the wild are usually organic since these products are found in remote areas not easily accessible, for which collectors have to be specially mobilized. There also has been an increasing awareness about organic cultivation in Nepal, and since most of the farmers are too poor anyway to afford chemical fertilizers in their fields, they happily stick to the traditional organic way of farming.

After research and market tests, it was found that the Nepalese essential oils were relatively unknown in the international market and it would be difficult to compete unless a product differentiation approach was adopted.

Therefore, Vossen & Co. (www.vossenbio.com) in cooperation with Malé, decided to apply for organic certification of essential oils from Nepal and to supply its products in niche markets. In september 2002, the first organic certification was obtained for 45 tons of 18 different essential oils. Since then, the certification has been renewed each year.
Malé International carries out the internal control to ensure the organic status of its products, strictly following the norms and procedures of organic cultivation, handling, processing and storage as specified by the EEC and USDA/NOP regulations


A certified organic farm in Dolakha

Jatamansi in its wild habitat in Dolpa

Lemongrass field
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